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North India Press is about seeing news and entertainment in a totally new light.The NIP brings you news as it happens. Not only quick, but also dependable.

We may be new on the web, but our experience in the field of news and features is vast and unlimited.Well-packaged, excellently presented news and feature items aim to make the viewer come back to the site again and again.

Our varied sections, designed with a lot of thought and deliberation. The best and most important news and happenings in the world of entertainment, crime, politics, sports, education, lifestyle, opinion, technology and business...finds a place of pride on North India Press.

Editor: (Honorary)Vimal Sumbly

Chief Info Officer: Rajesh Sharma

Administrator Officer: Aman Alhuwalia

Our Staff:
Sahil Vermaa
Govind Singh
Anju Kashyap
Angelina David

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