Majithia has got hawala money last year 2011:alleges Khaira

Story By: Anju Kashyap
Friday, July, 18 2014 - 12:37

Punjab Congress spokesman Sukhpal Singh Khaira on Thursday alleged that Punjab revenue minister Bikram Singh Majithia had received Rs. 70 lakh as hawala money in Chandigarh on 2011.

Khaira also urged chief minister Parkash Singh Badal to drop Majithia from the ministry and allow a fair investigation.

Addressing a press conference here, Khaira said he dared Majithia to deny the receipt of Rs. 70 lakh drug money in the shape of hawala through Gurmeet Manchanda, a known money launderer and an accomplice of Jagdish Bhola, who was currently lodged in Nabha jail.

Reacting to this, Majithia said Khaira seemed to have lost his mental balance after seven successive losses at the hustings, which alone could explain the latter’s desperation in releasing “fudged records” which existed only in Khaira’s twisted mind.

In a statement here, Majithia said, “I can’t reply to the false and malicious campaign launched by Khaira against me. I, however, understand his motives. He is an attentionseeker.”

“He loves to time his so-called sensational releases in conjunction with important events, including the Vidhan Sabha session. The releases are, however, forgotten after a few days once Khaira has basked in the glow of his cheap publicity,” Khaira added.

The revenue minister also questioned as to why the former MLA had come up with the allegations in 2014 when the cookedup case was allegedly of 2011.

“Khaira’s party ruled the Centre just two months back. Why didn’t he approach the government or the central agencies?

He did not do so because he knew he was releasing cookedup data to get cheap publicity during the assembly session and that this data would not stand the scrutiny of law,” added Majithia.

Khaira claimed that a senior officer working in the Financial Investigation Unit of the Punjab police had told him that Majithia had received Rs. 70 lakh from Rohit Goyal, a courier of Gurmeet Manchanda, in Chandigarh.


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