Steep hike in drinking water tariff for Mohali residents

Story By: Rajesh Sharma
Wednesday, September, 06 2017 - 11:11

Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) has taken a decision to increase water tariff for Mohali residents.

The domestic water tariff has been raised to Rs 10 per kilolitre for consumption above 20 kilolitres while the consumption of the first 20 kilolitres will be charged at Rs 5 per kilolitre.

Till now, the consumers were charged Rs 1.8 per kilolitre flat.

While institutional, government, semi-government and all other commercial and industrial establishments will have to pay double (Rs 10 per kilolitre) from the present charge of Rs 5 per kilolitre, the water used in industrial, semi-industrial and commercial establishments for construction and renovation purposes will be charged at 1.5 per cent of the total construction cost or Rs 20 per sq ft, whichever is more, against the present flat tariff of Rs 5 per kilolitre.

The new water tariff will be applicable to Sector 66 to 69, 76 to 80, Aero City and Eco City, where water supply is still under the control of GMADA.

The rest of Mohali will continue to pay the current charges till the Local Government Department revises the water tariff.


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