Covid-19 cases exceed 2 thousand

Story By: Indre Varnelyte
Friday, April, 03 2020 - 11:32

As of Friday 3 April, there were a total of 2,069 confirmed cases of coronavirus in India marking an increase of 432 since Wednesday afternoon. India recorded the highest single-day rise of 15 in overall deaths, taking the toll from 38 to 53 today.

At least 400 newly confirmed cases are linked to the recent Tablighi Jamaat event at Nizamuddin in New Delhi. Out of them 173 cases are in Tamil Nadu, 67 in Andhra Pradesh, 47 in Delhi, 33 in Telangana, 22 in J&K, 16 in Assam, 11 in Rajasthan, 9 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and 2 in Puducherry.

The Union Health Ministry has asserted there was no evidence to widespread community transmission and 20 existing and 22 potential hotspots have been identified across the country.

As per reports, aroun 9,000 Tablighi Jamaat members and their primary contacts had been quarantined across the country.
The Ministry of Home Affairs said in the statement that 960 foreigners who came to India on tourist visas have been blacklisted for their involvement in Tablighi Jamaat  activities.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister during his meeting with chief ministers urged people of all faiths to collectively fight this disease and said religious leaders should ask their followers to observe social distancing.

"Covid-19 has attacked our faith and belief and is threatining our way of life. For that we should reach out to community leaders and social welfare organizations at state, district, town, block and even thana levels to build up a united front against the pandemic", he said.

Across the country, around 50 medical professionals have been also tested positive for coronavirus.

The Health Ministry said domestic indigenous manufacturing of N-95 masks has been stepped up, while orders have been placed for over 1.5 crore personal protective equipment (PPEs) and supply has begun too.

The number of cases of the novel coronavirus across the globe crossed the 1 million- mark as the global death toll rose to over 45,000.


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