Nature overtaking Chandigarh, first deers now leopards spotted on the streets

Story By: Indre Varnelyte
Tuesday, March, 31 2020 - 16:42

With the coronavirus luckdown and transport vehicles being off the roads, the wildlife seems to overtake the city. Few days ago videos surfaced showing stags crossing roads in the northern Sectors of Chandigarh.

On Monday, a leopard-like animal was spotted in Sector 5 letting the residents to the panic.

The wildcat was successfully tranquillised by forest officials after efforts of over five hours and was later let out in the Morni forests.

Debendra Dalai, chief conservator of forests of UT forest and wildlife department, told the reporters that it was possible the wild cat came from Kaimbwala village near Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary. This is the second time in a week that a wild animal has been spotted in the city. On Thursday evening, a pair of sambars were spotted merrily crossing the road near the Leisure Valley.

The new reports came out on Tuesday with residents claiming a leopard was seen at the Sector 34/44 dividing road on Monday night.

Police asked residents in the city's southern Sectors to stay indoors as a search is being conducted. "Residents have been asked to check their lawns and backyards or other such places where the wild animal could be hiding," the SHO said.

Police were also using drone-fitted with camera to conduct the search.


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