Delhi: Nizamuddin area is a hot spot for corona virus, 24 test positive, 200 show symptoms

Story By: Indre Varnelyte
Tuesday, March, 31 2020 - 12:03

Delhi Police on Monday, cordoned off a major area in Nizamuddin West in south Delhi which emerged as a hotspot of coronavirus disease (Covid-19), after a religious meeting was held at Markaz by the Tableeghi Jamaat on March 13-15.

The six-storey Markaz Nizamuddin building was sealed on Monday, around 1,400 people are believed to have been exposed to the virus. As per reports, 850 people were moved out in buses and are quarantined in different parts of the city.

More than 200 people showing symptoms of COVID-19 were admitted to different hospitals by Delhi's Heath Department, police said. As per reports 24 people tested positive.

Six people who attended the gathering died of coronavirus in Telangana and one man died in Srinagar. As per media reports, the Srinagar preacher had visited the Deoband seminary in Uttar Pradesh and on his return to Kashmir, held multiple gatherings.

Ten more attendies tested positive in Andaman and Nicobar Islands after their return home.

As per reports, hundreds had been staying in the 100-year-old mosque complex, which has a six-floor dormitory, since the gathering, as the imposed curfew and sudden cancelation of rail services across the country made it "impossible" for the stranded visitors to return their homes.

The government appealed to all those who had attended the Markaz prayers in Delhi to inform the authorities.

Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal yesterday ordered a police case against the mosque administration over negligence that has endangered hundreds of lives.

“By this gross act of negligence many lives have been endangered. It was the responsibility of every citizen to proactively avoid such gathering of people during the lockdown and this is nothing but a criminal act. After the Centre informed us about the first positive patient and requested assistance we moved all symptomatic patients to our medical facilities and as a safety precaution all non symptomatic contacts have been moved to the quarantine centres," the statement added.

Tablighi Jamaat is an Islamic missionary movement set up in 1926, with members across the world.

Over 2,000 delegates, including from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan and Saudi Arabia. Members had also come from Afghanistan, Algeria, Djibouti, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, England, Fiji, France and Kuwait.

The Delhi government has imposed lockdown on 24 March. On Monday, there were 97 confirmed cases of the disease in Delhi and over 1,250 cases across the country.


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