Tamil Nadu: Transport Workers' Strike; 14,000 Buses Remain Off Road for the third consecutive day

Story By: Rajesh Sharma
Saturday, January, 06 2018 - 19:50

Around 14,000 buses have remained off the road for the third consecutive day on Saturday, due to ongoing transport workers' strike demanding a rise in pay.

Twelve workers' unions decided to strike after talks with the state transport minister did not result in any breakthrough, they said. They demand a 2.57 per cent hike in pays, but the government has agreed for a 2.44 per cent raise. The unions are also demanding a minimum basic salary of Rs 19,500, while the government wants it at Rs 17,700.

Meanwhile, Transport Minister MR Vijayabhaskar has called the strike politically motivated and appealed to workers to return for work."Many have returned today. We believe (more of them) will come tomorrow also. If not, departmental action will be initiated as per law," he told reporters in Karur.

Hundredes of commuters are stranded as only a third of the buses operated in Chennai and other areas in the state. The Chennai central suburban terminus witnessed a huge crowd on Saturday due to the bus strike.

As per media reports, the Chennai Division of the Southern Railway will run all the 670 EMU services in the Suburban sectors on 6th and 7th (Saturday and Sunday) of January in view of the bus strike instead of the reduced 602 weekend services. 

The Madras High Court has asked the workers to call off their strike and report for duty or face consequences that will include suspension and dismissal.


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