Delhi police orders inquiry after self styled god woman’s Radhe Ma warm welcome at police station

Story By: Rajesh Sharma
Thursday, October, 05 2017 - 13:02

Delhi police have ordered an inquiry after a picture of controvercial self-styled god woman Radhe Ma sitting on a chair in the Vivek Vihar police station has emerged on Thursday.

In a picture, SHO Sanjay Sharma is seen standing next to her folding his hands and draped in red religious shawl showing obeisance.As per reports, the incident took place on the occasion of Maha Ashtami, during Navaratri on September 28.

In more visuals, policemen are seen singing and dancing with Radhe Maa during a Dussehra event, with flower petals showered on her.

The controvercial self-styled god woman Radhe Maa is known to "bless" her devotees by dancing to Hindi film songs and hugging and kissing them, dressed in what can best be described as glittering bridal clothes. Many of her followers insist she is an embodiment of Goddess Durga and has supernatural powers.

Originally Sukhvinder Kaur, Radhe Maa has been accused of dowry harassment by the daughter-in-law of one of her disciples. The woman has said that her husband's family tortured her on the "godwoman's" advice and forced her to serve Radhe Maa, do chores for her and give her massages.

In September 2017 Haryana and Punjab High Court ordered police to file a FIR on her.

Prompted by recent controversies surrounding self-styled godmen, Radhe Maa has been listed in one of the top fourteen of 'fake spiritual leaders' by Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, the apex body of Hindu sadhus.


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