Hindi version of the Russian ‘The First Teacher’ at Tagore Theatre

Story By: Rajesh Sharma
Friday, May, 27 2016 - 18:27

Chandigarh artists staged a Hindi version of popular Russian play ‘The First Teacher’ at Tagore Theatre on Thursday.

The play by a famous Russian and Kyrgyz author, Chingiz Aitamotov, narrated a theme of a potent socio–cultural theme of education and woman empowerment.

The play was adapted and designed by Manju Yadav, under the direction of Chakresh Kumar.

In the present context, the original protagonist Altinai Sulaimovna is transformed into Sangeeta, a teenage orphan girl living in the same village with her uncle and aunt but forcibly married to an old man whose children are even older than her. While her life and dreams are doomed to hellish existence, she finds a ray of hope as an educated young teacher Rameshwer arrives in the village on a teaching assignment to children and adults.

Moved by the positive attitude and affectionate behaviour of the teacher, Sangeeta evinced much more interest in learning than others. By virtue of her dedication, she creates history by achieving the position of an acclaimed social scientist. While remaining indebted to her mentor Rameshwer, she surprisingly retains her love for her first husband.

Savita Negi and Shweta Negi portrayed young and old Sangeeta while Rajesh Kashyap essayed the role of the teacher.


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