Banjaar Valley, The Gateway to Jalori Pass

The Roads Less Travelled

Story By: R Sharma
Monday, September, 29 2014 - 11:05

Banjaar Valley, the hidden jewel gateway is now an upcoming resort and Camping Gateway. With nearby Famous places like Kasol and Manali, Its a perfect getway to be wtih nature.

The Best part, it has the amenties and the basics. Maybe even a bit of luxury infact a lot of luxury from the standards of a Biker and Trekker. You can park your car right Next to the Gate of the resort. Climb  for maybe five minutes, and be settled in your Room, the lawn, where ever. Switch of your phone, if you want to.Beware no big shops like Manali, So no Shopping. Not even the small shops like Kasol.

But Then, Spend a day trout fishing. Go walking in the hills.Come back for a lunch and rest for the day. Enjoy the evening with a BonFire. THE getaway.

The bad part... You will not like the feeling, When you are ready to leave the place to go back to office.....


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