US police questioned Marilou Danley, who arrived from Philippines on Tuesday night. Ms Danley, is believed to be the girlfriend of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock who reportedly killed 58 people a..
Saudi Arabia's King Salman has issued a decree allowing women to drive for the first time. The royal order will be implemented by 24 June 2018. The decision about whether women can sit behind the ..
A7.1 magnitude quake struck central Mexico, killing at least 226 people and destroying dozens of buildings in the capital, Mexico City on Tuesday. The epicentre of the quake was recorded in Puebla ..
Kulsoom Nawaz, the wife of Pakistan's ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has won a key seat in Lahore by-elections held on Sunday. As per local media, she won 61,254 votes, 14,188 more than her mai..
At least 29 people were injured, following a bomb attack on a packed London Underground train on Friday. The incident took place during the morning rush hour. As per reports, the bomb was detonate..
Tension in the region is growing as North Korea on Friday has reportedly fired the second ballistic missile across Japan in two weeks time. As per reports, the missile was launched from the Sunan a..
At least 24 students and teachers have died in a school fire in Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, on Thursday. As per reports, the dead were 22 students - all boys between the age of 13 and 17 - an..
Hurricane Irma, that hit 10 Caribbean countries and territories, killing at least 28 people there, made landfall on Marco Island off US Florida's west coast at 15:35 local time on Sunday, with winds..
North Koreaon Sunday detonated a hydrogen bomb for a long-range missile that set off tremors on the Korean Peninsula. It was North Korea’s sixth and most powerful nuclear test, prompting inte..
North Korea on Tuesday, has fired a missile over Japan triggering global alarm. Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called the move an "unprecedented" threat to his country while the US President Donal..
Heavy rains continued through the weekend flooding the biggest city of Texas – Houston. Meteorologists are forecasting historic rainfall totals up to 50 inches by Wednesday. Tropical Storm H..
North Korea on Saturday launched three missiles into the sea, amidst the US-South Korea annual military exercises. Pyongyang fired three short-range ballistic missiles from the Kangwon province. T..
Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong on Friday was sentenced to five year prison for corruption. Mr Lee (49) was convicted of bribery in a scandal that led to the impeachment of South Korea's former president ..
North Korea has said it was considering plans to fire missiles (the Hwasong-12) over Japan towards the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam. Pyongyang said that B-1B flights from Andersen Air Force Base ..
In the past few days, Spain saw two terrorist attacks leaving 13 killed and many injured. On Thursday afternoon, a van ploughed into crowds in Barcelona's Las Ramblas area, killing 13 and injuring ..
Several countries in Europe have issued health warnings as temperature in Spain, Italy, Croatia soar as high as 42C. Italy has recorded 10C higher temperature than the average for this time of year..
Russia has ordered the US to cut the number of diplomatic staff it has in the country and has seized a country house and warehouse used by US officials, in a sharp response to a new sanctions bill p..
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has resigned on Friday following a decision by the country's Supreme Court to disqualify him from office over the Panama Papers scandal. The court disqu..
At least 10,000 people have been forced to evacuate due to massive fire in the French Riviera. Hundreds of firefighters have been fighting wildfires in the country's Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azu..
Popular tourist resorts of Kos (Greece) and Bodrum (Turkey) were hit by 6.7-magnitude quake early on Friday, killing two people and injuring hundreds. The decease were identified as two male touris..

The founder of the American adult magazine Playboy, Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91 at his home in Los Angeles. Mr Hefner started publishing Playboy, the largest-selling men's magazine in the world, in 1953. The first edition featured a set of nude photographs of Marilyn Monroe.  Playboy made Hefner a multi-millionaire. His business...

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