Schools to install CCTV cameras covering entire premises

Story By: Rajesh Sharma
Tuesday, September, 19 2017 - 13:20

After the tragic death of the eight-year-old student in Ryan International School at Gurugram, the Haryana Education Department issued detailed guidelines to schools to ensure safety of children.

Government and private schools will have to mandatory install CCTV cameras covering entire premises of the school.

As per regulations, the cameras will have to be installed at entry and exit points of the school, in all corridors and staircases, library, infirmary, auditorium, inside elevators, dining halls, sports rooms, computer labs, entrance to classrooms, entrance to toilets, sports fields, swimming pools, areas where buses assemble, entry and exit points of premises, any point on the outer perimeter or wall, which is vulnerable, and which could show footage of persons attempting to gain entry to the premises, especially covering persons outside the main entrance.

As per the new guidelines issued by department, the schools will also have to constitute safety committees, ensure safe transportation facility to students and steps to generate awareness among students about a good touch and a bad touch as well as internet hazards.

The guidelines also direct teachers to take care that students are not given harsh punishments.

“Pulling a child’s hair, or physical hitting, punching, throwing a book or a chalk at a child or hurting him/her in any way must strictly be avoided. Humiliation in other forms is also to be strictly avoided,” it states. 

Denying a child food or water or toilet facilities, forcing him or her to stand in the sun or removal of the cloth of a child and forcing him or her to stand in front of the class should not be done.

A seven-year-old Class II student was allegedly murdered by a bus conductor in the private Ryan International School in Gurugram on September 8. The accused has allegedly tried to sexually abuse the victim.


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