Chhattisgarh: Indian soldier who killed four colleagues on Saturday claims he is being framed

Story By: Rajesh Sharma
Monday, December, 11 2017 - 17:36

A 35-year-old constable Sanath Kumar allegedly opened fire with his service weapon, an AK 47 rifle killing four of his colleagues and critically injured another at a camp in Chhattisgarh on Saturday.

As per reports, the deceased included sub-inspectors Vikey Sharma, 34 and Megh Singh, 52, who hailed from Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir and Ahmedabad in Gujrat, respectively.

The other two deceased are Assistant Sub-Inspector Rajveer Singh, 48, who hailed from Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan, and Constable G Sankara Rao, 37, from Vijaynagram in Andhra Pradesh.

The incident took place at about 5 pm at the force's 168th battalion 'G' company camp in Basaguda in the Bijapur district.

Mr Yadav, who is a member of the paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), was today produced in a Bijapur court which sent him to judicial remand for two weeks, police said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kumar claimed that he was being framed.

"I completed my duty from 2 to 4 PM on Saturday and then went to get fresh. Around 5 PM, I heard the sound of bullets and ran towards the place. I immediately took position with my weapon like other personnel were doing. Who opened firing and on whom, I don't have any details," Mr Yadav told the press on the court premises.

“I don't know why I am being implicated when I haven't done anything," Mr Yadav, a native of Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh, said.

Meanwhile, a senior police official told reporters that, after the incident, Yadav surrendered before his company commander and confessed to having committed the crime. However, he retracted his statement this morning.
Investigation is under the way.


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