Banur: daylight robbery, armed men intercept Axis Bank van, decamp with Rs 1.33 crore

Story By: Rajesh Sharma
Tuesday, May, 02 2017 - 14:14

In a daylight robbery, 6 armed men robbed Axis Bank van in Punjab’s Banur town, Patiala district and decamped with Rs 1.33 crore.    

As per police, the van was headed to the bank branch near Chitkara University when the robbers in 2 vehicles, including a Scorpio, looted it at 10.10am.

The robbers intercepted the van on the highway, near the Chitkara and Gian Sagar institutes.  

The driver of the bank was taken to the hospital with shot wounds, his condition is said to be critical.  

An alert has been sounded across the state.  

Checkpoints have been put up on roads leading to Patiala, Sangrur, Ambala, Chandigarh and SAS Nagar Mohali.

The police is checking all buses leaving the state through the Rajpura-Ambala highway as it is believed that the distributed cash will be taken out of the state by buses.


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